If you need to buy something new or simple have to decide between some possibilities. Bigger projects are also often followed by situations where you have to decide how to continue. We want to help you in this spooky situations and visualize most rational your best options.


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  2. Option


Navigate to the project detail view, you want to create a decision for. Click the "+" in the upper right corner in the decision box. A new view will appear and you'll have to input a name for the object you want to create. By clicking on the button on the bottom, the view will lead to its detail view.


The view is reachable by opening the decision detail view and clicking "edit" in your right upper display corner. It will display a new view, which lets you change specific data for this instance or turn back to older versions.


Please note, that this step can't be undone! If you want to delete a decision, you will need to navigate to its edit view, where is displayed a little bin icon in the upper right corner of the view. After clicking it, you will have to accept the confirmation view which will appear. By deleting an object, all of its child objects will be deleted, too.