The initial idea for this project was born from to many ideas and a lack of space to save them. Books are great, but as soon as you you do want to edit and extend your thoughts, this solution gets tricky. Furthermore, you are able to work with your ideas, once digital and accessible from anywhere in the world with an existing Internet connection.


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Open the project detail view or module detail view for creation. Click on the "+" in the upper right corner of the module box. A new view will appear and you'll have to input a name for the project you want to create. By clicking on the button on the bottom, the view will lead to its detail view.


Click the edit button in the details view of the module you want to edit. It will display a new view, which lets you change specific data for this instance or turn back to old versions.


Module deletion is possible by clicking the little bin button in the edit view of the instance to delete. By deleting a module, all of it's child objects will also be deleted. Deleting is just possible, if you own the module or got the change permission.