A project represents a specific object or goal you want to archieve or store. You can collect ideas like birthday presents with them, but they're also able to plan bigger intentions like renovations or personal goals. Simply collecting good ideas to combine and work on them later, represents a common usage, too. Projects contain all other Ipsyme objects and are listed in your home view.


If you are not registered yet, please follow the Introduction tutorial. To start your work with Ipsyme, creating a project is the first step. The amount of projects for standard users is limited to one. If you want to work on several projects at the same time, consider our Ipsyme Plus packages.


  1. Module
  2. Task
  3. Idea
  4. Activity
  5. Item
  6. Decision


Navigate to your home area first. If you just registered, you will be redirected automatically. From here, please click the "+" in the upper right corner in the project box. A new view will appear and you'll have to input a name for the project you want to create. By clicking on the button on the bottom, the view will lead to its detail view. You just created your first object! From this point, you can see all possible modules you can create for this project. For further informations about the objects, please read the depending section.


The view is reachable by opening the project detail view and clicking "edit" in your right upper display corner. It will display a new view, which lets you change specific data for this instance or turn back to older versions.


Please note, that this step can't be undone! If you want to delete your project, you will need to navigate to its edit view. We explain how to get there in the section above. Once done that, please click the little bin icon in the upper right corner of the view. You will have to accept the confirmation view which will appear. By deleting an object, all of its child objects will be deleted, too.