Transform creative sparks into streamlining processes.

Your project development system for every step of creative journeys. From initial ideas to successful completion.

It all starts with an idea.

They mostly spark unexpected and disappear into forgotten bursts of creativity.

We think it doesn't have to be like that and created some dedicated space for your inspiration! Maybe you know these situations, where ideas appear at a stressful moment and fixing them is difficult. Let Ipsyme help you! Just decide if a topic fits an existing project or create a new one for it and keep your mind clean.

It's never too late!

Keeping ideas and incorporating them without any help, can be challenging. Hand written notes often lead to a mess and several places with stored information. How about forgetting less and simplifying everything a bit? Imagine realizing your next big goal using Ipsyme as a launchpad for your success!

Keep it sorted!

And arise with better projects!

A project can contain different object types, but modules are likely to be one of the most important ones. They hold objects of their own type and are imaginable as milestones to complete. Following a path and sorting your work will clarify every project detail and how to process it intelligently.

How does it work?

After signing up, feel free to just jump straight into it and create your first project. As a free member, their amount is limited to one, but all related components will be available. Save your thoughts in a structured way for the moment you need it, begin your work with our solution and give your creativity a home anywhere, anytime!

Reach your modules!

Split big projects into manageable chunks.

Rather than trying to conquer a whole mountain, it's often the best way to go for a series of manageable hills. A module can belong to a project or another module and is capable of storing it’s own ideas, tasks and items.

Realize it before active development.

Separating your work and rethinking things will often show new aspects to discover. Most of them probably end up as ideas or tasks for your project. Keeping them in dedicated modules enables you to collect objects by their topic and to solve them step by step. Fixing thoughts and summarizing a concept is an urgent need for active planning and realization.

Make better decisions.

Difficult situations mostly offer different options!

It’s not always easy how to proceed. A decision within your project will give you space to choose with confidence. It’s able to keep different filters to define your minimum requirements as well as pre-conditions. Add possible options with attributes and let Ipsyme do the magic behind it.

Be aware of problems.

Ipsyme will use the given information to show you the most rational options. The next logical step should be clear from this point. Otherwise, different filters will show you other possible solutions and how to continue. Using the output wisely can avoid major mistakes and improve your development speed!

Collaborate with others.

Because cooperation can be the key to success.

Our PLUS helps your teamwork to grow in performances since project share is possible. Because of our way of project representation, an overview is always fast accomplished and everybody can understand what needs to be done and when. By choosing a permission level, you are in control of who can just create new things and who has the power to make changes.

Stick together!

Working as a team can be hard, especially if travelling is not always possible. Situations like this can be equalized! Save your time for the important work and transfer your communication with structure. Because less travelling reduces your stress level and biological footprint!

Look back at how far you've come!

Sometimes it's useful to look at the past while going forward.

With the Ipsyme PLUS package, the software shows you graphs about project progress. The single cards will visualize open and closed tasks, as well as the total number of created ones. Enable yourself to analyse the past performance and optimize the future as you wish.

Use your work as a resource for tomorrow!

Your previous projects will stay with you as long as you want. Free accounts are limited to the amount of one and can't access all features of our software. After a bought PLUS package runs out, your account falls back to the free version and further projects except the most upper one will stay with you, but in a frozen state and can't be changed any more.


The paid packages offer the same functionality and do not extend automatically. All sensitive information we get in touch with will be stored with high security and protected by German law and the GDPR.


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90 Days
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365 Days
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