Simplify your organisation, focus on creativity.

Ipsyme organises your big ideas into projects and stores all your creative sparks in one handy place.

Everything starts with an idea.

Creative bursts spark unexpectedly and fade away.

We created a dedicated space for your inspiration. Sometimes the right ideas come along at the wrong time. With Ipsyme, you can keep these neatly organised until you’re ready to use them. Just add them to existing projects or make them a project all of their own.

Keep ideas in order.

Gone are the days of post-it notes scattered everywhere. With all your ideas in one place, there’s no chance of accidentally throwing a valuable brainwave away. Dive into the next project with Ipsyme as a launchpad for your success.

Sort your projects clearly.

Split big projects into manageable chunks.

Rather than trying to conquer a whole mountain, it's often the best way to go for a series of manageable hills. Divide your project into modules, and create more mini modules, all with their own ideas, tasks, items, and decisions.

Explore new routes along the way.

As you organise your work, new areas to discover will pop up. Keep these ideas in dedicated modules where you can collate more information and solve problems step by step. By untangling the thoughts in your head and laying them out neatly, you can conquer the bigger tasks at hand.

Make better decisions.

Difficult situations come with the most ideas.

With so many potential paths to follow, it’s not always easy how to proceed. Ipsyme’s unique problem-solving feature gives you space to choose with confidence. Set options and filters to see potential paths to follow, then decide which is right for the project.

Recognise where problems may arise.

Ipsyme uses the information to show you the most rational options. From here, you can also identify potential mistakes and speed up development by considering everything first in the virtual sphere.

Collaborate with others.

Cooperation can be the key to success.

Ipsyme PLUS helps your teamwork share the workload and reach success more quickly. With just a glance, all teams understand what needs to be done by who and when. And, permission levels put you in control of who has access to what.

Look back at how far you've come!

Understand the past and move forward. Ipsyme PLUS shows you graphs about project progress to analyse and use for your future success. See all the projects you’ve ever created at a glance on single cards like thumbnails of stories to go back and explore again. These projects stay with you for as long as you want and can even have more modules added to them, too.