This views are explaining how to use the software and which features are developed yet. If you have any questions beside the documentation, please let us know since we are trying to keep it as helpful as possible. You can use the contact form or our social media channels to get in touch.


Since Ipsyme was designed as tool to work in busy situations it's made for everyday use. It basically helps you to develop projects or manage your day by storing important elements like ideas and tasks. The navigation titles are representing the available project objects. By clicking on of them them, you will get more information about the single element and its usage.

At first you will need an account. As long as you don't buy any Ipsyme PLUS package, it's completely free and enables you to create one project. After the registration process is complete, you will be redirected to your home view.

It displays three boxes: Own projects, shared projects from other users, as well as the most important tasks to complete, calculated by the software. All of them should be empty at this point. To start your work, please follow the project section.